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OJO Sunglasses is a unique franchise systemdealing with sunglasses and optical

with its own highly successful andcompetitive brand committed to quality trends of fashion, high class retailshops and highly trained employees.


The OJO Sun&glasses collection comprisesof over 450 style of sunglasses and optical, insuring that under one brandname, we cater to all tastes of fashion designs and trends. We continuallystrive for product excellence by offering the latest polarized and opticaltechnology, so as to ensure that our sunglasses are not only fashionable andtrendy, but are optically protective from the sun’s rays on the highestpossible level, 100% UVA & UVB 400nm. OJO Sunglasses prides itself withadapting to all internationally accepted consumer return policies, ensuring thehighest level of customer satisfaction and guarantees.