About us

Kariera.com.cy is the electronic extension of the special ‘Kariera’ insert published every Wednesday along with the Phileleftheros featuring jobs from all major organisations and companies in Cyprus.

In order to meet the growing needs of the dynamic labour market, kariera.com.cy aspires to be the reference point of every candidate looking for work in Cyprus or abroad in any sector, specialty or organisation.

Organisations and companies that choose kariera.com.cy to post vacant jobs reach thousands of candidates with each ad and automatically receive the CVs of those interested, separately for each listing they post.

In addition to posting ads for job places listed by category, province, type of employment, company, etc., kariera.com.cy provides useful advice to all interested parties with specialised topics, statistics, references to trends in the workplace and guides for candidates on how to create their CV and present their profile in the best possible way.

Kariera.com.cy is appearing with its own link on the homepage of the largest news and information portal of Cyprus, www.philenews.com, with over 800,000 unique users each month and more than 10 million page views, and it has create its own social media page. It will also send out its own newsletter every week to more than 80,000 e-mail addresses.

It also be able to send alerts about new jobs to those who subscribe to the special service offered, and collect CVs for companies according to the qualifications they are looking for.