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The website kariera.com.cy, hereinafter the ‘Website’, was created, managed and remains the property of Phileleftheros Public Company Limited, hereinafter the ‘Company’.

The website focuses on people searching for employment and for employers searching for prospective employees.

Any use of the website implies your consent and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions including the Privacy Policy as well as any changes or modifications made to it at any time. Users are obliged to check for any changes to the Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy with each use of the Website. Continuing to use/visit the Website after any amendments to the terms of the agreement will be considered as an acceptance of the modifications. These terms and conditions cover all existing services provided by kariera.com.cy as well as any new services that that may be included on the Website. A condition for the use of this site is the commitment on the part of the User/visitor, that it will not be used for any illegal purpose.

Any Users/visitors to the site that may have objections to any single point or points on the Website are kindly requested to refrain in its use but are encouraged to communicate their objections with the Company for their assessment.

The continuous presence of a User on the Website and the utilization of information provided therein imply the unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The visitor/User of the services provided by the Website understands and accepts that all pages/services are provided “as is” and the Website and the Company disclaim any responsibility regarding the limited duration, deletion, poor performance or the failure to save electronically any User data and/or any content of personal pages/services.

The visitor/User has the responsibility of accessing the Website’s services, the relevant access which may require the payment of fees to third parties (e.g. Internet service providers, Internet billing). The visitor/User is solely responsible for the settlement of the relevant fees. Furthermore, the visitor/User is solely responsible for his/her personal equipment with the necessary technological means that permit access to the Website’s services.

The use of the Website’s services is available exclusively to adults acting on their own behalf or as legal representatives of companies in search for employment or staff. A binding condition is for the User to make use of the available information in a lawful manner. The information is for private use only and its use should in no way violate any of the terms of this agreement.

Indicatively and without limitation, the User agrees to use the Website in a way which is non-offensive and does not violate the rights of another User or third party. The User undertakes to use the Website without acquiring, tampering or disseminating personal data of third parties and will not compromise the security and the proper functioning of the Website.

Replicating the Website in part or in its entirety is strictly prohibited. Its use should be made in a lawful and bona fide manner and within the agreed use between the User and the Company as specified in these terms and in the terms of the Service Provider Agreement

The use of the services provided by kariera.com.cy, access to information, Website pages, the use of resources, contact addresses and the use of forms etc. requires the unconditional acceptance of all the following terms:


Before posting a job vacancy, employers must first register on the Website. In this instance, the terms and conditions including the exhibits appended here, form part of and are incorporated into the Service Provider Agreement.

Employer’s User license.

Kariera.com.cy provides a time-limited, non-exclusive right to access and use the Website for local professional use in the search for prospective employees. In accordance with this license, you are able to open and save a single copy of the Website’s data which you are prohibited from selling, transferring or making available to third parties without the explicit and written approval of kariera.com.cy.

You agree that you are solely responsible for the content of any document posted onto the Website and for any consequences relating to the posting of said document.

You agree to the regulations of kariera.com.cy which relate to the posting of information on the Website, conduct and security.


All payments to kariera.com.cy are made electronically by bank card and through the JCC platform in accordance to their specific rules and regulations.

Services and charges

Services provided by the Website are limited to those described or mentioned therein. The Company does not assume any economic or other obligation to third parties required to use or access its services.

All personnel selection agencies as well as organizations or institutions that selflessly support jobseekers in Cyprus are encouraged to use the above-mentioned services.

All Users/visitors can browse freely on the site under the terms and conditions of this contract, be informed about employment opportunities, job search, volunteering, advertisements and any service offered by the site.

Services to casual browsers and job seekers are provided free of charge. Users are permitted, without charge, to upload their curriculum vitae to the Website.

The services that are subject to a charge and which are provided by the Website are described in the respective billing tables and are, including the other terms, the product of the parties’ agreement, namely the Company and the customer (being either a natural or legal person). An integral part of the Service Provider Agreement is the present Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website.

It is an integral right of the Website to implement changes in its charges.


Apart from the Documents created by a User, the Website and all copyrights on the Website are the exclusive property of kariera.com.cy and or the PHILELEFTHEROS PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED or their legal licensees. Subject to the limited license expressly granted to you under these terms, kariera.com.cy and / PHILELEFTHEROS PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED retain all other rights for themselves and their licensees.

 Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability of kariera.com.cy  

Kariera.com.cy presents the Website as an open forum where Candidate Employees can search for work and identify potential employers while employers can accept applications from Candidate Employees. By offering this service, kariera.com.cy does not control or supervise the Users’ history, behavior, integrity, solvency or credibility, nor does it review or control the content of the documents placed by Users on the Website. It is the responsibility of each User to take the appropriate action, as would normally be done by any diligent person when deciding to act in relation to a document placed by another User, to disclose information to another User, to give or to attend interviews, offer work or accept a job proposal.

If kariera.com.cy is advised by a User that a specific document or action is contrary to the terms of the Contract, the Company reserves the right to investigate the complaint and in good faith and with absolute discretion decide if action should be taken against the User or the document which has been posted on the Website.

Nothing on the Website should be considered as permission, statement or guarantee towards any User or any other third person either in relation to the Website or the products, nor the services, recruitment, prior experience, employment or recruitment methods, etc.

Kariera.com.cy is not an unemployment agency or a recruitment office. Using the Website cannot guarantee employment to prospective employees or the filling of a position. Kariera.com.cy is not responsible for any employment decisions made by a User or the way in which relevant decisions are made.

Kariera.com.cy will make every effort to ensure that the Website is available and fully operational on a continuous basis. In spite of these efforts, there will be times when the Website or specific parts of it will not be available due to a failure in the scheduled maintenance of the IT system or the third-party IT system on which we rely to make the Website available. Therefore, kariera.com.cy is not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to any User under these circumstances.

Kariera.com.cy will make every effort to ensure that the Website is free from viruses and that third parties may not have arbitrary access to Users’ personal information and to use the documents. Because there is no perfect security system and despite the efforts employed by kariera.com.cy, the Company cannot guarantee that its efforts will be successful all the time. Kariera.com.cy is therefore not responsible for any loss or damage incurred to a User despite the efforts of the Company to ensure the security of the Website.

Apart from the warranties expressly stated in these terms and conditions, the Website operates “as is” without additional warranties of any kind to Users.

Kariera.com.cy will not be liable to the User for any financial loss, loss of profits, loss or reduction of clientele or anything else, either in any event, direct, indirect or consequential, or claims for consequential damage of any kind. The total liability of kariera.com.cy, contractual, tort (including negligence or misconduct) for misrepresentation, reparation of damage or anything else relating to the execution of this Agreement will be limited to the total amount paid by the User in accordance with the Agreement.

Termination and Suspension

The company may modify, suspend or terminate part or all of the services and conditions of use without notice if it considers that the User/visitor has violated any of the terms of this contract or provision of law and its liability is exhausted in returning unused and prepaid services.
The Company reserves the right to discontinue access to the database or to unilaterally terminate the Service Providers Agreement, of which the present Agreement with the Terms and Conditions are an integral part, in case of non-payment of arrears within a specified period specified in the Service Providers Agreement.

Referral to other websites.

Kariera.com.cy has links to third party web sites. While these links are for your convenience, kariera.com.cy has no authorization as to the contents of these websites. Karier.com.cy is not responsible for the content on these websites. Users visiting these websites do so at their own risk.


The User agrees to defend and indemnify kariera.com.cy (its directors, employees and agents) and to intervene in favour of and against third party claims and actions (including without limitation; costs, damages and court and accounting costs) arising from any Document posted by the User on the Website infringing the rights of third parties (including slanderous or copyright infringement), or arising from the User’s failure to comply with applicable labour law. Kariera.com.cy will make every reasonable effort to provide the User with appropriate notice of such a claim, lawsuit or prosecution and to assist the User, at their own expense, in the defence of this claim, action or prosecution.


Link to personal data


Questions regarding the use of the Website are to be addressed to [email protected]. Notices for kariera.com.cy may be sent to the address which appears on the Website and notices for Users will be sent to the address provided during registration or to any other address which kariera.com.cy reasonably defines as an appropriate address for the said User.


Access to the content may be illegal for some persons in some countries and such people do not have the right to access and use the website. In the event of accessing the website from abroad, Users take upon themselves the risk and are obliged to conform to the laws of their country. The invalidity of any term of the Agreement will not invalidate the contract. All provisions of the Agreement will continue to apply after termination, except for those which provide access to or the use of the Website which, with their termination, access or the use of the website will be immediately suspended. Users are not entitled to transfer or assign to a third party their rights and obligations under this Agreement. The non-exercise or improper exercise by the parties of any of their rights provided for in this Agreement or deriving from the law may under no circumstances be considered or interpreted as an implicit waiver of those rights, which they can exercise at any time.

Kariera.com.cy is the only party having jurisdiction to interpret these rules. Kariera.com.cy may, at its sole discretion, suspend and terminate the use of the Website by Users who violate the rules. Kariera.com.cy has the right to occasionally modify the rules.


The use of the Website is governed by the provisions of the Cyprus, European and International Law, which are binding for the User/visitor as well as for our Company, which has to respect the laws and the rules of law concerning intellectual property, the protection of personal data, trademark law, privacy and consumer protection provisions and a host of other provisions governing the use and operation of the Website. The above provisions also govern this contract as well as the individual Service Provider Contracts concluded with clients of the company – employers. The Company respects all the above Cyprus, European and international legal order rules of law as well as the right of informative self-determination and information ownership by the User within the framework of the Constitution of Cyprus.

Any provision of the foregoing terms which is contrary to the law automatically ceases to apply without in any way undermining the validity of the other terms.

Privacy Policy

With your visit to our Website in order to use its services or to communicate with us or to keep you updated with our Newsletter, notices or with other means regarding our products and offers, you will be required to register data which concerns you (name, email address etc.). Any personal data declared anywhere on the pages and services of our website are used exclusively by kariera.com.cy or our affiliated companies for the purpose of supporting, promoting and executing the transaction relationship, namely to communicate with you in order to inform you of the course of your order or of new offers and their use by any third party is strictly prohibited without complying with the provisions of the relevant legislation on the protection of personnel character, as is the case every time.

Our website operates in accordance with applicable Cypriot and Community legislation. Personal data which we possess will be kept securely within our systems for as long as the User is registered with the services of our website. Items are deleted after any termination of the transaction relationship.

Recorded data on file may be communicated to the competent police, judicial and other administrative authorities upon a legitimate request from the latter and in accordance with the applicable laws.

Visitors can navigate our website without surrendering any personal data. We will need personal data only in the event of you communicating or indicating that you wish to communicate with us.

The data we require in event of you wishing to use the services of our Website, include name, phone number, e-mail address or in the instance of job seekers who require exposure to the job market, their Curriculum Vitae.

Your credit card details (in the event you choose to make purchases with your credit card) are not collected by kariera.com.cy but by the card transaction company JCC.

The collection of the above information takes place only if the User has voluntarily registered them and we only use them for its proper service.

As part of the smooth operation of our website services, kariera.com.cy uses cookies. Cookies are small files that are sent and stored on the User’s computer using your browser’s features. They do not damage the computer or the files stored in them and they do not recognise or identify any document or files from your computer. They are only used to facilitate your access, for statistical and marketing reasons. Typically, you can modify the browser to prevent cookies, but there is a good chance the site may not work properly.

Third parties, advertisers or advertising servers may place or recognize unique cookies in your browser.

Note that by registrating at kariera.com.cy, Users, since they have provided their-mail address automatically receive the Company newsletter. Users can delete themselves from the recipient list by clicking on the relevant link on the Newsletter.

Our company reserves the right to change the terms governing the protection of personal data by informing the visitors/Users and within the existing and/or possible legal framework.

Any visitor/User should refrain from using our website if they do not agree with the terms governing the protection of personal data as provided for therein.