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Navarino is the maritime industry’s most advanced communications and connectivity company.

We develop advanced technologies and innovative IT solutions to bring true value to our customers and we create strong, long-term relationships through our professional approach and worldwide support services.

About us

Navarino is one of the world’s largest maritime technology companies, operating across 6 shipping-centric nations. Our industry-leading technology has put us at the forefront of maritime innovation and enabled us to empower our customers while anticipating their future needs thanks to our continuously evolving services. Navarino is the world’s largest Inmarsat Fleet Xpress VAR, and alongside our Ka Band offerings we have a full portfolio of Ku Band solutions, thanks to partnerships with Intelsat and SES Networks.

We are the designer and developer of Infinity, the most successful bandwidth optimization solution on the market. Infinity’s success is the result of a continuous collaborative effort between ourselves and our customers, which has resulted in a solution that is renowned throughout the maritime sector. Navarino also created the first fully managed cyber security solution for maritime, Angel, to ensure that your vessels can navigate and benefit from the maritime digital revolution in safety.

Our long-standing partnerships with some of the most respected names worldwide such as Cobham, Dell, GTMaritime, Intellian, Iridium, and JRC allow us to deliver the most comprehensive and reliable technologies. From satellite connectivity to maritime GSM technology solutions, our 5-star service is designed to deliver quality, care, and flexibility to our customers.

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