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Healthlinerx intended for those among us who have health problems in the ‘urologic area’ of the body.

Healthlinerx is the urologic website for buy ED pills online and the lay public, providing information on urology
in the broadest sense. Subjects like urological anatomy and diseases are found here, as well as
professional information on urological congresses, trials, urological organizations
and much more.

The ‘urologic area’ stands for kidneys, urinary bladder, urethra, prostate, penis and testicles. A lot of the urologic health problems consist of voiding problems: patients either pass urine too slow, too quickly, too often or too much. This might come down to a prostatic problem (in males) or incontinence (mostly females), although urinary stones (bladder, kidney), infections, impotence, infertility and cancer are also the domain of the urologist

The information contained within this page is intended for those who want to know whether professional help is needed but also for those already ‘patient’, who want to find out more about a diagnosis, symptoms, examinations or treatments.

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