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Each DZOFilm product incorporates the technological competence, experience and thinking of each of the company’s employees. All products are made in our factory in China, equipped with the most modern equipment. This factory is designed on a model called smart factory which integrates all stages of manufacturing, focused on performance and technological advancement. This production unit is our operational base, where high quality and high performance products are designed and produced. with increasingly varied and renewed ranges of products, which DZOFilm has decided to contribute, through its economic and technological activity, to the improvement through the image of communication and the comfort of life for people at worldwide.

At every stage of the design, production and verification of our lenses, each, from the research department to our sales and service network around the world, is involved in finding new ideas, innovating and serving our customers. It is a simple, efficient system of collaboration and partnership of smart factory, an integrated network that works for both DZOFilm and its customers.

A world leader in technological innovation

We ensure a high and constant level of performance thanks to a very thorough integration of all the manufacturing stages. We also develop partnerships allowing us to design the most avant-garde products. In addition to design, implementation, manufacturing and quality control services, DZOFilm also integrates its sales teams into its decision-making circuit for ensure an optimal level of expertise for each and every moment in the research and development of a new product.

100% “made in China” products sold all over the world

DZOFilm coordinates the creation, production and sales of its technology around the world with its own teams in Japan, the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Benelux, Hong-Kong and Singapore.

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