Cyprus Cancer Research Institute (C.C.R.I.)


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Cyprus Cancer Research Institute (C.C.R.I.)

About Us

The Cyprus Cancer Research Institute (CCRI)
The Cyprus Cancer Research Institute (CCRI) a Non-For-Profit organization, based in Nicosia, Cyprus, aspires to become a world class interdisciplinary research institute that will operate within a network of leading clinical and academic partners, namely the University of Cyprus (UCY), the Karaiskakio Foundation (KF) and the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre (BOCOC).
CCRI aims to promote excellence in the field of cancer research and in the development and utilization of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic systems to challenge this devastating disease. The Institute will bring together scientists working across different areas of biology and medical sciences to develop an internationally competitive program of research aiming to improve the current understanding on cancer pathogenesis and develop novel therapeutic approaches against different cancer types.
Through state-of-the-art facilities, networking with world class institutions and a strong multidisciplinary research team, the CCRI will lie at the center of a nexus of cancer service providers, cancer researchers, oncologists, scientists, and academics, to create a National Cancer Research Network of Excellence, in so doing bringing Cyprus to the forefront of cancer research and cancer patient care. The Institute will support basic and translational research projects for cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Through a rigorous and competitive academic and research program, the CCRI will also create an incubator for young scientists training to drive cancer research and its corresponding high technology infrastructure and instrumentation systems in the near future.

Mission and Scope
The mission of the CCRI is to promote high calibre cancer research in Cyprus and to breed the next generation of cancer research scientists.
The CCRI is anticipated to span a wide spectrum of cancer research from investigating the molecular and cellular basis of cancer, to translational research and promoting the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches and practices.
The CCRI will build bridges with and transfer knowledge from centres of excellence abroad, create synergies with established centers in Cyprus, provide research opportunities, offer training and mentorship to young scientists, and support a culture of entrepreneurship in cancer research.
Working alongside our global network of research teams, partners, and advocates, we will fund scientists conducting the most promising research—all while promoting awareness, sharing up-to-date cancer information, and inspiring lifelong advocacy for cancer research.

CCRI Partners
The CCRI is comprised of a partnership between three organisations based in Cyprus: The University of Cyprus, The Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre and The Karaiskakio Foundation.
The University of Cyprus founded in 1989, is a young but rapidly expanding university in several research areas including teams focusing on cancer research. The University is a vigorous community of scholars engaged in the generation and diffusion of knowledge.
Despite its brief history, the University of Cyprus has earned the respect of the international academic community and the appreciation of Cypriot society.
The Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre has been the largest dedicated cancer hospital for solid and hematological malignancies in the country since 1998. It manages approximately 60-70% of all newly diagnosed cases of cancer in Cyprus every year.
The Karaiskakio Foundation is the largest diagnostic and research centre in the field of haemato-oncology in the country. It is home of the Cyprus Bone Marrow Donor Registry with more than 160000 registered bone marrow volunteer donors.

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