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Parimatch Tech launches Hiring Week and makes an offer in four hours

The company has broadened its horizons and now is looking for specialists from different countries. International product holding company Parimatch Tech is once again launching a global talent acquisition initiative — Hiring Week. But this time, the geography has expanded; thus, the best specialists will be searched in five countries. «Hiring Weeks are already becoming a good tradition for us.

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Labour minister pushing for Greek style remote work

The Labour ministry seems to be pushing forward a legislative framework on working from home, based on what was adopted in Greece; it will regulate the details of working remotely, a reality that has become necessary in recent times due to the pandemic. The issue seems to be high on the priorities of Labour minister Zeta Emilianidou and according to

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Ever closer to the minimum wage due to a drop in unemployment

Unemployment has now dropped to the levels that the government has set in order to implement a national minimum wage and that in spite of the pandemic issues. The drop in unemployment was also confirmed by the Statistical Service which announced the number of the registered unemployed in Nicosia. According to the data from the District Employment Offices, the number

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Only a small percentage of students enter the job market in Cyprus

Youths aged 15-24 in Cyprus are ranked at half the EU average on entering the job market, either through working, seeking employment or taking part in internship programmes, according to Eurostat, the EU’s statistical service. According to a Eurostat press release, the transition from education to the job market takes place at a different pace for each member-state, mainly due

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From betting shop to international product company: the transformation of Parimatch into Parimatch Tech

 Limassol, Cyprus International sports betting company Parimatch is today announcing its evolution into ‘Parimatch Tech’ to highlight its transition from a traditional betting company to a fully digitalised and product-focused technology business. The name change is the latest step in the company’s long-term technological transformation, beginning back in 2010 when only 5% of punters were betting online. Parimatch Tech is

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