Human Asset Ltd

Who we are
Human Asset is a premier HR Advisory Firm that provides HR custom solutions to fit your organization’s Human Resources needs.
Operating in Greece, Cyprus and Middle East ,we have grown from strength to strength to become one of the most preferred service providers for small and large companies alike.
Our Human Resources Advisors are backed up with proven experience and robust tools that allow them to provide innovative and reliable services to our clients.
Our Core Services

Executive Search and Selection
Accomplishing the right Job Fit is vital for every organization. A wrong hiring decision, apart from the fact that it will cost thousands of euros; it will also have a negative effect on performance, employee turnover and, long term, the organisation’s ability to attract and retain talent.
At Human Asset we are proud of being able to combine all the required resources, tools and know-how to assist our clients in their search of this right Job Fit. Whether you are looking to hire, outplace or draw a shortlist from a larger group of candidates our team of specialists can help you develop a comprehensive strategy to reflect upon your business requirements.

Learning and Development
Acknowledge the importance of People Development Human Asset apply a specialised and tailor-made methodology in designing and implementing the most effective and constructive Learning and Development initiatives for each Organization and Employee. These Initiative may refer to:

• In-house Training Programs

• Blended Learning Programs combining e-learning, face- to- face and coaching

• Design and Launch of Corporate Academy’s

• Instructional Design

Specialised areas of L&D Training Programs delivered by our Training Experts:

• People Management and Development

• Situational Leadership

• Development through Coaching

• Train The Trainers

• Train the e-learning Trainers

HR Advisory, Performance Management System
A well designed Performance Management System, once successfully deployed, can be the greatest ally in creating high performing organizations.
The investment and efforts that have been dedicated to Performance Management Systems are vast. Even so, we still hear of many cases where they do not live up to their promises and rather lead to disappointing results. Whys is that so? The answer lies within three simple words – Poor Performance Management – and even though sounding simplistic it is actually multifaceted.
Performance Management is a holistic and dynamic process which engages a series of activities that when working in harmony they contribute to high levels of organizational performance. Performance Management is about strategy, people and processes fully integrated within a culture that encourages teamwork, and honest communication and collaboration.
Miss an element and all you will have will be a system producing annual meaningless statistics and that people will hate to use.
At Human Asset we understand that a Performance Management System will be bespoke to each individual organization, depending on specific circumstances.
That is why our approach into developing performance management systems is designed to reflect upon these differences and while capitalizing on them we can help you design a system that will give you a competitive advantage.

HR Advisory, Employee Satisfaction and Opinion Surveys
Listening to the voice of the Employees may sometimes be the solution to various business problems. Employee Opinion or Satisfaction surveys aim to capture the employees’ opinion, concerns and ideas in specific business areas and detect the employee’s level of satisfaction.
Organisations that introduced these surveys have genuinely admitted that, since they opened this specific communication channel with their people, they have achieved significant improvements in the areas of:

• HR Strategy and overall business performance

• Employee commitment and retention

• Motivation

• Productivity

• Employee morale

• Communication

It is our belief that every voice counts regardless of background, position or seniority.

Thus our methodology in implementing such surveys is designed in a way to accommodate all company sizes across all industry sections.
We conduct employee satisfaction and opinion surveys using paper, web, face to face meetings and/or focus groups. The delivery method will be defined in accordance with individual organisational needs and requirements. In many cases our clients decide to follow a combined approach utilizing more than one method of delivery.

HR Advisory, Diagnostic Surveys
Diagnostic surveys are very much like the Employee Opinion – Satisfaction surveys as they are implemented in the same manner. The main difference is that Diagnostic Surveys are mainly considered as ad-hoc projects, taking place once an organization has already identified specific problems or challenges that affects all or a smaller sample of the population.

The main scope of a Diagnostic survey is to further explore specific problematic areas affecting parts or any part of an organization’s Human Resources Management Model.

By the means of questionnaires (paper or web based), interviews or focus groups we can provide assistance in getting further insights.

Learning and Development Technology
Human Asset accumulates years of experience in the design and set–up of L&D e-learning platforms as well as the instruction design of e-learning material. Proud to represent one of the most well known LMS Learning Management and Academy Management Support System Learning Management Systems Totaralms

For more information you may visit or contact us at [email protected] or 22-600191/92.