What to say when an interviewer asks why you are looking for a new job

What to say when an interviewer asks why you are looking for a new job

Good preparation is key to setting yourself up for job interview success. Googling “popular job interview questions” might be part of you pre-interview prep.


Then you need prepare good answers all those questions.


According to a recent survey of hiring managers by Simply Hired, 56 percent of hiring managers are likely to ask why you’re looking for a new job.


Depending on the reason, this could be a anxiety-inducing question that may threaten to derail the interview. Chances are, you don’t really want the interviewer to know the real answer.


“I’m really desperate for this job, and I’ll take anything at this point.” Er… no.


“My boss is horrible, and I can’t stand to work another day under their tyrannical rule.” Probably not. According to that same Simply Hired study, bad-mouthing your boss in an interview could have disastrous effects.


“I need to get out of a toxic work environment, stat. I’m so miserable there.” Even if it’s true, you shouldn’t bad-mouth your current employer either. You never know what might its way back.


“I want to make loads more money, and this seems like a good place to get a huge pay bump.” Good for you, but not great to say in an interview.


So what should you say instead? Luckily, Simply Hired also asked hiring managers the best answer to the why-are-you-job-hunting question. “According to 78 percent of interviewers, the ideal candidate’s response would involve taking on more responsibility and growing in their career,” Simply Hired reports.



So instead of getting into the weeds about what’s not going right in your current job, focus on what you’re hoping to get out a new one: “I’m looking for a role that provides more responsibility and career growth.” Simple as that. No bad-mouthing or negativity needed.


There’s no need to elaborate. Leave it at that. Sit tight, and just wait for the next question.