The Benefits of Taking a Vacation

The Benefits of Taking a Vacation

The head and the heart

While traveling is a good way to clear your mind, it can also do wonders for your heart. Those who have vacationed on a frequent basis in the last year have a lower chance of encountering risk factors for cardiovascular disease1. Simply put: the more you travel, the more likely you are to avoid heart issues. Furthermore, neglecting to go on vacation for consecutive years can lead to an increase in risk for developing heart disease.


With both your head and your heart in good shape, you can return to your projects with renewed vigor. Traveling may very well be your heart’s true desire, so if you’re overdue for a vacation, now is an excellent time to start booking.

Disconnect and drift away

Even if you’re not sitting at your computer or actively working on a project, you may still be connected to your work on your phone or tablet, which can hinder your ability to fully enjoy your life outside of your profession. Taking some time to step away from your screen and your projects is a great way to de-stress and live free of deadlines and any other responsibilities, allowing you to return home with a clear head. However, if you must check in, schedule a 15-minute session once a day—and leave work behind once it’s over.


This can also lead to better sleep, as a vacation can correct the habits that often lead to restless sleep, such as prolonged work hours or using mobile devices before bed2. As an added bonus, a full night’s sleep prevents issues such as impaired memory and a higher risk of accidents, making vacation a vital element for your health.

A well-oiled machine

Regardless of the type of work you do, you’ll want to be at your productive peak for each project. However, this desire to always perform at 100% can take a toll on your mind and your body. The desire to be productive is a wonderful trait to have, but as with everything else, doing too much can cause you to burn out. If you take the time to let your mind and body rest, whether you stay home or go on a trip, you can add some more power to your drive and determination and resume your productivity with a fresh start.


Regardless of how far you plan to travel, it’s important to plan your trips in advance. That you have something to look forward to should you begin to feel overwhelmed by your work. Even if you can’t find the time to a weeklong vacation, long weekends or short three-to-four-day excursions can be enough to clear your head and prevent you from drowning in a sea of projects.

What you can do next

Start planning your next vacation! Even if you’ve just returned from your most recent trip, knowing that you have another one coming up can help put your mind at ease if the going gets tough with work. If you haven’t taken some time to yourself in a while, book a vacation soon — your health and your career will thank you.