Ten Reasons Talented People Stay In Lousy Jobs

lousy jobs

The biggest hurdle most people face in mid-career reinvention is that they limit their visions for themselves. They put walls around their own future, saying “I can change careers just a little bit, but not too much!”


Here are ten reasons talented people stay in awful jobs:


  1. The job is close to your home.


  1. You like the people you work with.


  1. It seems like a pain to job-hunt.


  1. You fear that you might be too old to change jobs or careers.


  1. You are stuck and feel like you can’t move.


  1. You have people in your life telling you “It’s a good job — who cares if you like it or not? Keep the job!”


  1. You haven’t job-hunted in years and aren’t sure how to go about it.


  1. You like small things about the job, like the fact that you have a desk near the window.


  1. You feel too tired after a long day at work to pursue a job search or think about your career.


  1. You’ve been asleep — but are now waking up!


The  minute your internal alarm clocks goes off to tell you “Wake up, now! Your life needs your attention” you will see how one or more of these common obstacles kept you stuck. That’s okay.


The spell is broken now. You are free to move about the talent marketplace again!


Reinvention is demanding, and even exhausting.


Get as much sleep as you can, and don’t forget to take care of yourself with long walks, healthy food, good friends or whatever makes you feel wonderful and alive.