Ten Questions You Never Knew You Could Ask In A Job Interview

  1. What happened to the last person in this job? Are they still with the company? I’d love to hear that story — the story about how this job became available.


  1. What is the typical career path for someone in this role?


  1. Looking at your projects for 2018 and beyond, what will be the highest priority project or initiative for your new hire?


  1. If this is a newly created job, why was it created? What hole or gap was this job created to fill?


  1. What are the principal metrics by which your new hire will be evaluated? How are his or her goals established?


  1. What are the biggest issues or obstacles you expect your new hire to face in their first few months on the job?


  1. What is the likelihood of working from home in this job, and/or working flexible hours?


  1. What are your expectations around reaching your new hire after hours and on the weekends? What constitutes a normal workday? What are your expectations about working hours, and taking work home? How often do you work on the weekends, and how often do you expect your employees to do that?


  1. What are some of the big-ticket items I could take off your plate if I were hired into this job? What are some of the biggest accomplishments I could achieve in the first 90 days, such that you’ll be delighted you hired me?


  1. How does your new hire’s success in the job make your working life better? How will their success help the department, and the organization overall?


The more questions you ask, the more questions you will think of. When you step out of the traditional, fearful job seeker state to realize that companies need you at least as much as you need them, your muscles will grow.  Your confidence will grow. Every interview will be better than the last one. It will hit you that you don’t need to take the first job offer you get, not unless you are thrilled with it.


Not everybody gets you. Not everybody deserves you. Only the people who get you deserve you!