Is this the best job in the world?


A Brisbane company is being inundated with applications after posting a job advertisement calling for an ice cream taster. Eating on the job is a must – and the payment is just as delicious. It sounds too good to be true, but Whey Whip is on the hunt for someone to taste their treats.

The job description?

“Consult with us, discuss what they’re liking and what they’re not liking,” Whey Whip’s Liam Nixon said.

The ad was posted on Seek and is already getting plenty of interest. “It’s a dream job so people keep saying, ‘is it actually real? I’m pinching myself!’,” Mr Nixon said.

Like any job, though, there are a few prerequisites – like knowing what makes an ideal ice cream texture and understanding the perfect cookies-and-cream ratio. The idea is to provide feedback on flavour, texture, and how you feel when you eat the product.

The successful applicant and their finely-tuned tastebuds will be called on four times a year and they needn’t worry too much about their waistline. “The sugars are slightly lower, the fats are lower again and then the protein obviously is higher on top of that,” Mr Nixon said.

As for payment, how does a year’s supply of ice cream sound?

You have until July 14 to apply.

Source: Yahoonews