7 Things You Should Never Wear to Work in the Spring

7 Things You Should Never Wear to Work in the Spring

Winter’s thaw is finally upon us. (Hey, if that’s not a cause for celebration we don’t know what is). But before you dive head-first into spring’s phenomenal fashion trends—The cold shoulder! Slip dresses! Wedgie jeans!—know the rules of what’s appropriate to wear to work and what should be worn solely for weekend and evening outings.

Follow these rules on what you should never wear to work, and we guarantee you won’t get called out by HR for improper office attire.

  1. Shoulder-Exposing Tops

From off-the-shoulder blouses, to one-shouldered tops, and even long-sleeved tops with single a shoulder cutout, this spring is all about the sexiness of a bare shoulder. But no matter how high the mercury climbs—or the fact that you’re seeing other women commuting with bare shoulders (we’ve already seen some)—just don’t do it. It’s way too much skin for a work environment. Now, if you’ve got a date on the other hand, definitely show off those shoulders.

  1. Floor-Sweeping Maxidresses

Who doesn’t love a maxi dress in the warmer months? It keeps you cool and covered and yes, channels that inner festival child within you right there in your cubicle. The problem comes when the maxi falls past your ankles, grazing the floor. If you’re going to wear this style to work, make sure it hits no longer than your ankles. Anything longer than that simply looks sloppy.

  1. Anything Sheer

Sheer illusion details are everywhere right now, from pullover tops with see-through sleeves, to skirts made of cotton lace with a miniskirt slip underneath. While you may be covered up in the *technical *sense, it just reads as too naked for a work environment.

  1. Cutouts

This may seem obvious, but avoid pieces with cutout slits in the midriff or arm areas (or anywhere else, really), even if those pieces are more covered up. Flashes of skin up the sex factor…a factor you do not want to exude on the job.

  1. Anything Your Need to Wear With a Special Bra

A good rule of thumb is that if you need a strapless, backless, or one-shouldered bra to wear your work outfit, you need to change.

  1. Thong Sandals

Boy, has the flip-flop come a long way. Today, there are jeweled thong sandals, ones with lace-up ankle straps, heck, even high-heeled thongs! No matter how fancy (or even how expensive) they might be, this style of sandal is inappropriate for the workplace.

  1. Clothing that Can Be Mistaken as Sleepwear

Slip dresses and pajama tops and pants are de rigueur for spring 2016—and they’re going to be around next fall, too. But if your office is on the conservative side, save them for date night or brunch on the weekend.

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