3 Tricks To Try — When You’re Feeling Stuck In Your Job Search

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Sometimes, searching for a job or trying to find a different job can be so frustrating and stressful that it becomes overwhelming.


It’s important to recognize when you’re feeling overwhelmed, so you can give yourself a personal timeout. That’s right – give yourself permission to take a break from your job search.


Then, follow these three steps to help you move forward:


Find 10 minutes each day to meditate. If you’ve never done this before don’t worry – it’s actually pretty easy. Find a quiet place to sit or lie down. Be still. Clear your mind of everything and try to relax. Picture yourself in a peaceful place, and, as if you are standing in a shower, envision a bright white light pouring over your entire body and washing away all your fears, stress and anxiety. Simply be still, be quiet and allow yourself time to relax.


After you feel yourself relaxing, ask the Universe to point you in the best direction for your next job or career. Don’t be shy – ask for blatant signs of the direction you should pursue. Then, as you go about your normal activities, try to keep a watchful eye for what you might see. You might be surprised at the opportunities that arise when you’re not feeling the stress of trying to find a job.


Increase the joy in your life. Every day, do something fun. Choose things that make you happy. Read a book, see a movie, eat a dark chocolate truffle or go for a walk and enjoy Seattle. It doesn’t matter what the activity is, so long as it makes you happy.


Remember that feeling of excitement and happiness at the first snowstorm? How you couldn’t wait to go outside to build a snowman, go sledding or have a snowball fight with your friends? Those are the feelings to try and recapture as an adult. To do this, make a list of things you enjoy and then choose one activity each day. You’ll be amazed at the positive energy you begin to feel when you get up in the mornings.


Spend more time being thankful. Every night before you fall asleep, think of one thing for which you’re thankful and say it in your head as you drift off to sleep. “Today, I’m thankful for…” Or, begin a gratitude journal, where you write down the things you’re grateful for before you go to sleep each night. Being grateful, even for the challenges you face, can change your life for the better.


By taking a brief timeout to relax, enjoy life and remember what you’re thankful for, you’ll quickly discover many of the wonderful benefits of an attitude of gratitude, things like: feeling happier and more optimistic, improved sleep and increased energy.


Who knows? Your new-found positive attitude might be exactly what’s needed to help you find your dream job.